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Save time so you can focus on your passions

Compound's advisors act as personal CFOs, always thinking about how to maximize your wealth. Partner with a Compound advisor one-off or ongoing to execute against a plan to achieve your financial goals.

Can I borrow against my equity?
How much will I owe?
When should I sell?
How can I get liquidity?
What if I leave my company?
Can I generate income from my equity?
How do I achieve my goals?
What could I own?
When should I exercise?
Should I exercise my equity?

Specialists in maximizing the value of illiquid equity


Tech employees and founders concentrate wealth in high-potential, illiquid options and stock. Compound's advisors help you navigate the risks and advantages of this asset class so you can maximize the value of your company equity, minimize taxes, and understand all your liquidity options.

Tailored to your
financial profile

Compound's advisors have full visibility into your balance sheet so they can make personal recommendations that match your goals.

How we work with you

  1. Meet your Advisor

    Meet with your advisor to review your finances and identify what matters most to you.

  2. Design and execute against your financial plan

    Compound's advisors are fiduciaries who work one-on-one with you to build a financial plan that reflects your life goals and then coach you through making the right choices and tradeoffs to execute against that plan.

  3. Prepared for the unexpected

    Should you choose, Compound Financial Advisors can collaborate with our in-house tax team to regularly analyze and update the tax aspects of your financial plan as your goals and market conditions change so you’re never caught off guard with unexpected taxes. They are available async or live if you have any questions and can adapt your financial strategy if tax laws change.

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